Staying healthy as a remote worker

Working from home can be beneficial in a number of ways, but it can also lead to physical, mental, and social challenges. Whether it’s the lack of physical movement throughout the day or limited human interaction, many employees present a negative outlook on remote work whilst some thrive in the environment they create. Tips for staying healthy when working from home could cover a healthy diet, regular exercise, office ergonimics or mental stimulation. Here are some easy yet essential ways to stay healthy as a remote worker. 

Challenges of working from home

Although remote work comes with a great stretch of advantages such as a work-life balance, no commuting and flexible working hours, many workers face day-to-day challenges. One of the great things about remote work is that companies are now introducing hybrid models, a combination of both home and office working, giving employees the benefit of both environments and complete freedom within their weekly routines. There are however still hundreds of remote companies that only operate online. This may have always been their model or could have been a result of covid 19 lockdowns. Some of the challenges that remote workers are facing include: 

Some people may view working from home as a luxury and consider this as essential for their working life, but other workers may see this as a more negative experience. The bottom line is, this all depends on personal preference and how each person performs their best. 

Tips for staying healthy as a remote worker 

Here are 5 essentials tips for staying healthy in a remote job, including both the mental and physical side of working life. 

Create your ideal working environment 

One of the best parts of working from home is the freedom and creativity that comes with it. Use this opportunity to create an optimal workspace which suits you and your needs. This home office will not only keep you productive but also offers benefits in areas such as comfort, muscle health and mental stimulation. If you know you will be working from home for the foreseeable future or this is an essential employee benefit you look for, spending the time and money on your space can really pay off in regard to performance and wellness. Features to consider when planning a home work environment may include furniture use, colour schemes, organisation and stationery. Many remote workers also research aspects such as computer height, chair positioning and ergonomics to ensure they are working in complete comfort in both the short term and long term. 

Stick to a daily routine 

A standard 9-5 office job offers employees a regular daily routine, something that many humans require and consider an essential part of their week. And a remote job should be no different. Here are just a few elements of the day which could benefit from a routine. 

Many professionals have found that incorporating a daily routine into your week helps to reduce stress levels and can also pay off in terms of productivity and work execution. Sticking to this routine will make sure you’re not overworking, underworking or picking up unhealthy habits. 

Maintain a healthy diet 

Working from home can mean it’s easy to indulge in your cupboard snacks, freezer food or the complete opposite. Not eat at all.  People with few distractions at home may find that they are more aware of hunger than they would be at a workplace, resulting in them finding unhealthy snacks throughout the day or opting for this instead of three healthy meals. On the flip side, many homeworkers are so engrossed in their work, and with no one to remind them of their break, can easily skip their lunch and work longer hours.

Regular exercise 

Remote work can result in employees sitting in their home office for 8 hours and not leaving their house for 5 days straight. This can result in both physical and mental distress. Introducing a regular exercise routine will keep your body moving, mind stimulated and is also a great way to release stress. This exercise routine can be anything from a 20-minute walk on lunch breaks to taking up a new sport in the evenings. There is no doubt that exercise provides people with endless benefits, especially employees who are getting limited outdoor exposure and little to no movement throughout the day. 

Stay connected

One of the main drawbacks of remote working is the isolation and limited contact that comes with it. That’s why it’s crucial to stay in touch with work colleagues and utilise online portals which most modern businesses have introduced. Whether this is a daily check in’s or weekly video calls, these platforms are perfect for keeping colleagues connected, maintaining workplace relationships and keeping on track of work performances. Similarly to this, remote employees should also ensure they are staying in touch with friends and family outside of work and not isolating themselves from the outside world.