Top tips for reducing stress and anxiety 

Stress and anxiety are two feelings that everyone in the world will feel at some point. Whilst some people might see this as just another emotion, the feeling of anxiety can have huge effects on mental wellbeing, productivity, daily motivation and general health. They can exemplify differently for everyone, and the level of anxiety one experiences will be of personal measure. But it’s important to remember that there are ways to manage these feelings and stop them from getting in the way of your everyday life. 

Daily coping strategies

There are a number of different coping strategies that each person can practise at home, at work or when out and about. Here are just a few key ways to cope with levels of stress and anxiety.

Communicate your feelings

Talking to friends and family when you’re feeling overwhelmed will not only welcome advice and encouragement but also stops these feelings from bottling up. Even if you’re not used to expressing your feelings, writing these down in a journal or expressing them to yourself can also help. 

Do something you enjoy

On many occasions, people lack motivation and pleasure when suffering from anxiety, so making time for things you enjoy is key. These activities might include: yoga, music, exercising, arts and crafts or reading. These activities not only take your mind off things you may be stressed about but also offer a release and build your energy levels.

Learn what your triggers are

Anxiety and stress are very much a personal journal so finding out what triggers yours can help to tackle and avoid them.  Is it work, family, school, a relationship or something else? Once you put your finger on the trigger, you can adapt your life and put improvements in place. For example, if your job is causing the anxiety, adapting your routine or changing occupation entirely could be an option.

Balanced diet 

Maintaining a balanced diet can offer a world of benefits and helps you both on the inside as well as the outside. Making sure you’re eating three meals a day with plenty of nutrients will help to keep energy levels high and anxiety low. 

Limit alcohol and caffeine

Consuming high levels of alcohol and caffeine can lead to panic attacks, disturbed sleep, anxiety and lack of appetite.

Have a regular sleep pattern

One of the main strategies that people overlook is regular and high-quality sleep. Making sure you have a strict sleep routine will not even give your mind and body the rest time it needs, but it also makes sure your energy levels are high throughout the day, reflected through your mood, concentration, reactions and emotions.

Fitness tips for stress and anxiety 

Daily exercise can offer huge benefits to your well-being. Research shows aerobic exercise is especially helpful in terms of bringing anxiety levels down. A quick bike ride, dance class, or evening walk can be a powerful tool for the mind.  To truly see the benefits of exercise, try to include at least two and a half hours of physical activity a week. 

But how exactly does exercise help with exercise? 

  • Exercising is the ideal distraction as you’re focusing on goals and certain tasks. Not only does exercising benefit your physical health, but its role in your mental health is just as prominent. 
  • Moving your body decreases muscle tension and lowers the feeling of anxiousness. 
  • An increase in your heart changes brain chemistry, producing serotonin, gamma-aminobutyric acid, brain-derived neurotrophic factor and endocannabinoids.
  • Exercising works on building up resources that strengthen resilience against turbulent emotions.

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