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There’s no doubt about it, life gets steadily more and more challenging as you age and when you add the increased demands of modern life into that mix, you end up with a world running on empty.

We founded optml to help busy people to get back to their best and have more energy.

The biggest culprit for a lack of energy? Lack of quality sleep.

Optml is the brainchild of Seb Dean, an entrepreneur based in Nottingham. Known for his sometimes crazy ideas, optml was an idea that was too good to pass up.

We recruited the help of specialists in nutrition and supplements, giving them the task of creating a supplement that would help people be less tired, have more energy and, generally, feel sharper.

Our nutritionists spent months designing the perfect combination of daily capsules to help people naturally generate more energy, without needing to resort to flooding their bodies with sugar.

Once the supplement ingredients had been chosen, they were manufactured and delivered. This is what has become optml.