Negative effects of junk food

Passing through the drive-thru or having a pit stop during a long drive is something we all know too well. Whilst small amounts of junk food won’t cause much damage, getting into a habit of eating out could be doing some harm to your health, skin and mindset. Having large amounts of junk food, and frequently, can have a number of negative effects, some of which many people wouldn’t even think of or notice. 

Junk food and physical health 

When people think of junk or fast food, they immediately think of high amounts of calories and weight gain, but there are several negative side effects that this food can cause. Even with these negative connotations, having junk food now and again isn’t criminal, in fact, it’s good to consume the fats and sugars that come with it. It is however important to have a balanced diet and have these meals or snacks in moderation. 

Persistent headaches 

As most junk food is stored with high levels of sodium, this can increase the risk of headaches. As these meals or snacks also lack vitamins and minerals, they can often make you feel dehydrated and fatigued, two main factors of a headache. 


The carbohydrates and high levels of grease found in junk food will more than likely show themselves through your skin barrier. Heavy carbohydrates such as fries, burgers and bread can lead to a case of acne, clog pours and produce access oil.

Shortness of breath

If your exercise levels aren’t counteracting the calories consumed, this can lead to shortness of breath due to excess weight gain and lack of physical health. 

Dental hygiene 

Although your teeth aren’t completely visible and might be something you don’t think about on a daily basis, what you’re putting into your mouth will begin to show through teeth hygiene and dental distress. Acids from junk food will begin to destroy teeth enamel and cause potential cavities. 

Weight gain 

People who tend to eat at fast food restaurants or consume a lot of junk food consume more calories than the average eater. If these calories aren’t followed by regular exercise or a healthy balanced diet, weight gain will be inevitable. Although weight is highly linked to genetics, your body will still be in poor shape even without the extra visible pounds. 

Junk food and mental wellbeing 

Aside from the physical effects that junk food can have, the mental side is just as important but is still often looked over. Whilst it’s easy to grab a Mcdonald’s after a long day or cave for a Chinese when feeling low, having these meals could actually be making you feel even worse in the long run. Many researchers have shown a clear link between food and mood, with the things we consume always having some type of mental effect. Here are just a few ways in which junk food can affect the mind. 


Eating a lot of processed foods can lead to an increased chance of depression. This is a huge point to make as typically, when people are feeling low, they fill themselves with things which make them feel good at the moment, including junk food. This then has the opposite effect and the circle repeats itself. 

Fatigue and low energy levels

Most fast foods lack essential nutrients which we need to carry on with our everyday lives, feel energised and lift our mood. If you’re not indulging in a balanced diet, these foods will begin to make you feel fatigued, thus bringing energy and mood levels down.


Due to the physical effects that junk food can have, this can lead to low self-esteem and a lack of confidence in yourself or your appearance.

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