The Relationship Between Food And Mood

When it comes to the relationship between food and mood, this can be something not many people consider or see as an issue in their everyday lives. The connection between diet and your mind comes from the close bond between your brain and gastrointestinal tract, often referred to as the “second brain.”

We all know food can affect our physical appearance but it’s just as important to remember it could also be the reason behind your low or unmotivated moods. Diets also don’t always have to be strict, so here’s a few top tips when it comes to helping the mental side. 

Managing Your Mood

Whether you’re finding yourself feeling glum or losing day to day motivation, we’re all aware of the saying ‘you are what you eat’. Changing up your diet or food habits could be a quick fix to a temporary feeling or might be something that you want to incorporate permanently into your life. Here’s some quick tips for improving your mood through food.

Cut back on caffeine 

As caffeine acts as a stimulant, this means it offers you a quick and short lasting burst of energy. This means once that caffeine buzz is over, you’re left feeling anxious or down. Cutting back on caffeine can be easy, with so many decaffeinated versions out there, you still get the taste and pleasure of a homely hot drink without the after effects. 

Taking care of your gut health

Guts and emotions have a strong connection. Feelings such as stress and anxiety can make your gut slow down or speed up and make you either create or lose an appetite. Foods such as fruit, vegetables, beans and grains can help with overall gut health. 

Staying hydrated

Not having enough fluid throughout the day can lead to loss of concentration and focus. Not only does this have many health side effects such as dehydration and constipation but fluids can also keep you feeling fresh through the day. 

Getting enough protein

Protein contains a chemical which helps to regulate thoughts and feelings. This can help with your overall calmness and happiness through the day whilst also keeping you fuller for longer. 

Knowing the right fats 

The acid in fatty foods helps to keep the brain working efficiently, so although some people associate fats with being a negative thing, without fats, your brain would actually struggle to function properly. Healthy fat options include : fish oil, meat, olive and sunflower oils, yoghurt, milk and cheese. 

5 a day

Drilled into us from when we were children, having your 5 a day really can have a positive effect on your mind and mood. As fruit and veg contain vitamins and minerals, this offers us the right nutrients for a healthy and happy life. 

Eating regularly 

Eating regular meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner can help to keep your levels up. Choosing foods that release energy slowly instead of quickly will ensure your blood sugar levels are in a good state, keeping away feelings such as fatigue, irritability and depression.

Foods To Help Your Mood

Look for foods which are high in protein, fat, fibre and mood-supporting nutrients. Although it might seem obvious, healthy foods are the main answer here. Going by the saying, food is your body’s fuel, think carefully about what you’re putting in it. Foods which can help lift your spirits and give you plenty of energy include: 

  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Food with high protein
  • Fatty fish
  • Dark chocolate
  • Fermented foods
  • Oats
  • Beans and lentils
  • High in vitamin D

Foods To Avoid

Knowing what foods to eat is key to finding your perfect diet or simply improving your well-being. With every food category having different qualities, your final goal will decide what you should and shouldn’t be eating. You might already know which specific foods make you feel drained and unhealthy. Here are a lot of foods which only offer a small burst of energy and could have a negative effect on your mood. 

  • Flour based foods such as bread and crackers
  • Sugar-sweetened snacks or beverages 
  • Biscuits and baked goods 
  • Alcohol 
  • Caffeine 
  • Packed or processed foods
  • Tinned foods 
  • Crisps / chips

Improving Your Mood With Optml

Trying out multiple techniques can do no harm. Considering a daily vitamin to help your health both on the outside and inside could offer a world of benefits.

Optml offers a two step supplement service, including the Rise and Rest formula. 

Focusing on Rise, this formula will set you up for a proactive, positive day. Helping to bring energy levels up whilst also improving brain function and concentration. 

On the flip side, Rest is designed to help improve your sleep using ingredients such as chamomile flower, ashwagandha root, lavender flower and 5-HTP, helping you to relax and enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

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