What Is Fatigue?

What Is Fatigue?

There are times when instead of resting when we should, we take things past our limit. In cases such as experiencing emotional distress or even trying to keep up with a constant flurry of notifications, it’s sometimes impossible to be able to switch off from all the noise, which can create a lot of tension and stress in our minds. 

Likewise, constantly running around without taking a moment to pause can leave us feeling exhausted. Physical strain is part and parcel of getting fit, especially if you haven’t worked out in a long time. But without proper guidance it’s easy to over exert yourself.

Both the mental and physical demands we put on ourselves can lead to fatigue, which happens when you are long past the point of a quick recovery in terms of your mental or physical state. 

Physical Fatigue

Have you ever pushed yourself a little too hard when exercising? Exerting yourself far past your current ability can cause physical fatigue.

Unlike tiredness, physical fatigue isn’t just a case of feeling a little out of breath. It is a state that can take days to recover from fully and is often accompanied by severe muscle aches and pains. 

Mild risks associated with physical fatigue include muscle sprains and strains. However, if you continue to ignore your body’s warning signs then serious damage can occur to your muscles and ligaments. In the worst cases, you may develop breathing or cardiac problems as your body struggles to pump blood and oxygen around the body as needed. 

Fatigue can also happen even when you aren’t working out due to an underlying health condition, including if you are deficient in certain minerals and vitamins. 

Mental Fatigue

All of us feel tired after a long day at work or following a stressful situation. But when we don’t acknowledge the need to rest, sleep and recharge, our mental resources deplete leading to mental fatigue. 

Symptoms of mental fatigue can include tiredness, dizziness, poor decision making, slow reaction times, and irritability. Mental fatigue can be particularly dangerous if you drive or have any other responsibilities that require alertness.

By far the biggest cause of mental fatigue is a lack of sleep, especially when combined with chronic stress in our waking life. It leaves us unable to think clearly and can lead to various mental health conditions including depression and anxiety. 

How To Beat Fatigue


A top tip to beat fatigue is to know your limits and make sure you factor in rest periods from your work and exercise routines. It’s also a good idea to check in with your GP if you have any concerns about your health.

But what about the steps you can take on a daily basis? Nutritional supplements can boost your immune system, providing vital vitamins and minerals that can become depleted leading to fatigue. 

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