Staying Healthy In A 9-5

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Is your 9-5 office job affecting your physical state and general wellbeing? Are the long hours sitting at your desk taking a toll on your body? Although this type of environment and lifestyle is difficult for some to avoid, there are many techniques you can try to keep on top of your day to day health.

5 Tips For Staying Healthy At Work

Whether you’ve been working in an office for over 10 years or just taken on your first full time role, seeing a difference in your appearance is normal and can easily be managed. Here’s some tips to staying healthy and making the most out of your days! 

Stretching at work

Keep hydrated

You’re probably sick of people banging on about drinking water by now, but just think, there is a reason so many people vouch for this. Water not only keeps us hydrated and feeling fresh but it can also help with overeating and sticking to set meal times. Keeping hydrated is also beneficial for those sitting at a computer for long periods of time as this takes a toll on our brain and mind.

Have regular intervals 

Becoming stiff and uncomfortable at a desk isn’t uncommon, especially if you’re sitting in the same position from 9am to 5pm. A simple walk around or 2 minute stretch can do the world of good. 

Cut back on coffee 

Although the free coffee might sound tempting, caffeine can have many negative effects. With most people using coffee as an energy booster, it’s ironic how this could be the cause of your sleepy mornings and low moods during the day. Drinking juice, water or tea is a much better option if you’re looking for a healthier working life. 

Maintaining a balanced diet 

Having a balanced diet is important in general, however, combining that with an inactive lifestyle makes it even more necessary. The last thing you want to be doing is sitting still all day, consuming nothing but junk. Meal prepping or having homemade lunches is the best way to keep your diet on track at work whilst also keeping your mood up. 

Regular meals 

Sticking to your normal meal plan is key when thinking about health at work. Without a set plan, you’ll be tempted to snack and binge more throughout the day. Adapting to these habits will ensure you’re avoiding both short and long term health issues. 

Staying healthy through diet

Physical Health In An Office Job 

Having a 9-5 office job can take its toll on your body for many reasons. Besides possible weight gain, sitting down for the majority of the day isn’t good for anyone and unfortunately does limit the amount of time we have for hobbies, exercise and everyday activities. Keeping your physical health at it’s best might not be everyone’s priority, however these techniques will benefit all!

Morning or evening exercise routine 

When talking about exercise routines, this is different for everyone and doesn’t always have to be a solid 1 hour workout in the gym. Your week day exercise routine could consist of a 10 minute yoga stretch or 45 minute run, no matter which one you opt for, getting up and being active is vital for both mental and physical health. Make sure to create a routine you enjoy and is practical to your working week to make it easier to stick to. 

Optimise your lunch break

Although some jobs offer longer lunch breaks than others, this is a time to get away from your desk and give your brain a rest. This is where 1 hour breaks can really pay off, giving you enough time to go for a stroll, read a book, go to the gym or simply walk to the canteen and back. When applying for jobs, local amenities are something a lot of people look out for, offering activities outside the office which are still on work time.


Posture is something we have drilled into us at a very early age, and it’s sometimes not until we’re older, we realise just how important this is. Exercising simple positions such as a straight back will make sure you’re not only comfortable at work, but can also reduce any issues that might arise in the future. There is also a variety of equipment out there which can help with comfort and posture.

Staying healthy through exercise

Staying healthy With Optml

Considering a daily vitamin to help boost your health both on the outside and inside could offer endless benefits.

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