Benefits of a regular exercise routine

Boosting energy levels, adding to your life expectancy and reducing the risk of serious health conditions are just a few of the huge benefits that regular physical activity has to offer. Participating in regular exercise or activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health and affects you both physically and mentally. Whether it’s just a 10-minute daily walk or a 1-hour gym session, keeping your body moving and muscles active will certainly pay off in terms of general and long-term health and wellness. 

Physical benefits of regular exercise 

When most people think of exercising and physical activity, they immediately think of the physical benefits it brings. These include: 

Controlling weight

Exercise can help promote weight gain and weight loss. When engaging in physical activity, calories and fat are burnt, resulting in weight loss. On the flip side, if gaining weight is your aim, regular exercise can also help with muscle mass and building a stronger physique. 

Lowers your chance of health conditions and diseases 

Irregular exercise and a limited active lifestyle can result in more serious health conditions and diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases. In order to manage these issues or limit your chances of getting them, participating in an active lifestyle will do a world of good. Limited exercise also has links to metabolic syndrome, depression, anxiety, arthritis and type 2 diabetes. 

Boosts energy levels

Regular, physical activity can improve muscle strength and boost endurance. Delivering oxygen and nutrients to your tissues, this helps the cardiovascular system operate efficiently, improve heart and lung health and produces higher energy levels. This means you’ll avoid the feeling of fatigue or weakness and will generally feel energised and content throughout the day. 

Promotes better sleep

Exercise can boost your sleep quality and quantity in a number of ways. Sleep quality is improved as exercising will enhance deep sleeping whilst boosting your immune system and controlling stress and anxiety. As for sleep quantity, being physically active requires you to expend energy, resulting in a solid night’s sleep for the appropriate duration. 

Mental benefits of regular exercise 

As well as the physical advantages, many people incorporate exercise into their routines and lifestyle to help improve their mental health and stay internally healthy. Here are just a few ways that regular exercise can improve mental well-being. 

Improves mood

After a bit of a pick me up or want to destress after work? A quick gym session or evening stroll is many people’s answer to a clear headspace and a positive mind. And that’s because physical exercise stimulates various brain chemicals that initiate happiness and a relaxed feel. Exercise can also help to improve self-confidence and self-esteem. 

Easing depression and anxiety symptoms 

If you suffer from depression or anxiety, exercising is probably at the bottom of your priority list. But once the motivation kicks in, it can make a huge difference. But how exactly does physical exercise help with depression and anxiety?

  • Releases feel-good endorphins 
  • Distracts you from stresses or worries 
  • Boosts self-confidence 
  • Encourages socialisation
  • Encourage independence  
  • Boosts energy levels 
  • A release of tension/anger

Social interaction 

Whether you’re going jogging with a friend or participating in online gym classes, exercise can be the ideal way to meet new people, socialise and make new relationships. Having a source of social interaction is good for anyone, and allows us to connect with people we may of never even met before. This, in turn, will have positive effects on your happiness and well-being, offering a sense of community and belonging. 

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