Bedroom Design for a Peaceful Nights Sleep

When it comes to sleep quality and sleep quantity, the environment you’re resting in can impact it both positively and negatively, which in turn, can affect your daily life and mood. Many people say your bedroom is a reflection of your mind and is the ideal way to create a relaxing, personal atmosphere in which you can have a peaceful night’s sleep! Although there are a number of factors which can affect someone’s sleep, there are also a number of ways to improve it, and designing your bedroom is one of them! Here are some key features to include in your bedroom design that could result in a peaceful night’s sleep!

Invest in good bedding 

Good bedding includes the actual bed frame, the mattress, the duvet and the pillows. All of these things come together to create a comfortable, relaxing space which should help you stay asleep throughout the night. Whilst a good quality bed isn’t hugely necessary, the things going on top of it are! Investing in a high-quality mattress and duvet set will not only keep you restful but can also offer health benefits and support over time. There are a number of options on the market for things such as neck support pillows or back padding. 

Blackout blinds and curtains 

Light is one of the main factors which could be affecting your sleep, especially during the summertime when the sunrise is in the early hours of the morning. Purchasing black-out blinds or curtains will ensure that you’re not getting woken up to earlier and can also help when you’re looking to get an early night and it’s still light outside. 

Limiting clutter and mess 

A lot of people say they can’t fully relax until they know their environment is clean, tidy and organised, so this could be the reason why you’re taking a while to get to sleep. Keeping your room tidy isn’t just good for aesthetic reasons, there’s a reason people say tidy house tidy mind! Making sure you keep on top of washing, organisation, clutter and dirt can all contribute to a good night’s sleep and improved sleep quality. 

Limiting noise

Keeping your room quiet will help you both get to sleep and stay asleep. Whether it’s the noise of the household or noise from the road, many sleepers much prefer a complete silence space to rest in. Although many people claim they need background noise to drift off, having a silent environment will ensure your mind and body can completely switch off and get the rest they need. Whilst some people can cope with just a shut door and windows, others might need to invest in noise cancellation methods. 

Interior design

The design of a bedroom could actually be affecting your sleep quality and quantity. Aspects such as colour have been proven to have effects on the human mind, with some promoting relaxation and calmness more than others. Choosing more neutral themes will create an area of zen and simplicity whilst using bold colour schemes could ignite a sense of excitement and energy.

House plants 

Not only is decorating with plants visually appealing and currently an interior trend but can also provide health benefits and purify the area you sleep in. Different types of plants can reduce levels of harmful pollutants and reduce the toxins you could be inhaling when asleep. 

Have a look through our blog for the best house plants to improve your sleep!

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