How To Create The Optimal Sleeping Environment

How To Create The Optimal Sleeping Environment

Struggling to get a good night’s sleep? It could be your sleeping environment that’s to blame. After all, if you don’t feel comfortable and at peace in the space, it can be difficult to nod off. If the issue isn’t resolved, it can soon affect your health, not to mention your productivity during the day.

So in order to ensure your sleep is both the best quality and quantity it can be, now is the time to look at where you sleep to see if any changes are in order.

Here are our top tips on creating an optimal sleeping environment to guide you through the process.

Tidy Up

It sounds simple enough, but a cluttered room actually isn’t that relaxing to sleep in. Whether you have clothes that need to be put away or piles of belongings on the floor, it’s time to make the room inviting so that a good night’s sleep can soon follow. 

Also, lots of clutter can also bring with it plenty of dust and debris that can affect the air quality of where you sleep. So, that’s all the more reason to have a clear out of anything that doesn’t need to be in the room. 

Remove Any Distractions

From devices to strong sunlight peering in the room – anything that’s going to keep you awake or wake you up in the middle of the night must be addressed. A bedroom should ideally be a cool, calm place and even a busy decor can disrupt that, let alone noise or light stimulants.

Depending on the issue you are experiencing, measures such as blackout blinds or soundproofing should be considered. For any noise coming from outside, upgrading your double glazing to triple glazing or adding secondary glazing is a wise idea.

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Use Your Bedroom For Sleeping 

In the modern world of working from home, it’s incredibly tempting to set up your office from your bed. Likewise, most people have a TV in their bedroom too. The only problem is, if you spend lots of time in your bedroom working or watching TV, you no longer associate your bedroom solely with sleeping anymore. That means when it comes to falling asleep, your mind is likely to be more active which can keep you awake for hours.

Instead, make sure you have separate areas for working and relaxing versus sleeping. This will ensure that psychologically your mind is able to distinguish between the two. 

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Create A Comfortable Environment

Aspects such as your bed frame, mattress, pillows, sheets and also the room temperature can all affect how easy it is for you to fall asleep at night.

If it’s been some time since you purchased your mattress, it could be due for a replacement. Likewise, ensure that your pillows are supportive without being too firm which can cause neck pain.

The ideal temperature for bedrooms is said to be 18c, so if your room is too hot or cold you may need to install air conditioning or upgrade your heating if your current setup isn’t able to bring the room to a comfortable temperature.

If possible, leaving a window open at night can help with the ventilation of the room too, especially during warmer months. 

Blackout your room

No matter where in the world you live, it’s outlined that having a pitch-black room is likely to increase the quality of sleep that you get each night. The darker the room the better you’ll sleep which means that you should consider investing in a good set of blinds or curtains. Maybe even both.

With that in mind choosing the right set of curtains can be harder than you think. Light can leak through a number of crevices and so you need to be sure that whatever style of curtain you choose, it’s able to block out as much light as possible. Blackout curtains are the obvious choice. Blackout curtains are often thicker than the average curtain so that they let no amount of light through the material. This type of curtain will also usually run from floor to ceiling to maximise the coverage and minimise the light leakage. If you’d like a better idea of how to hang your curtains, have a look at this curtain guide.

Supplements For Sleep

Sometimes you’ve tried everything and still, you cannot get relief from those sleepless nights. In which case, supplementation is something that can help ensure you’re functioning well from the inside out to promote a better night’s sleep and give you plenty of energy during the day too.

Optml is a two-step formula consisting of Rise to help you during your daily life, along with Rest which promotes a great night’s sleep. It’s packed full of natural, botanical ingredients such as Vitamin C, chamomile flower, lavender flower and ashwagandha root extract. All of which work together to help give your body the support it needs. 

Try Optml today and discover the benefits of increased energy, a better mood and an overall healthier you. Not to mention, a great night’s sleep!