Why Am I Feeling Tired All The Time?

Why Am I Feeling Tired All The Time?

If you find yourself feeling tired all the time then you are not alone. Research suggests the average Brit spends seven and a half years of their life feeling tired. Even a single day feeling sluggish can feel like a lifetime, as you try to juggle work, the kids or simply the grind of everyday life, while craving nothing but sound slumber. 

It’s normal to feel tired sometimes, but if your fatigue has become a bit of a habit then you might want to look into one of the following causes. 

A Lack Of Sleep

It might sound like an obvious place to start, but the fact is that without both a good quality and quantity of sleep, the restorative processes that your mind and body need cannot take place.

We all know to aim for that golden target of 8 hours of sleep a night, but if we’re honest, how many of us actually achieve it? 

Just some of the aspects that can disrupt your sleep include insomnia, sleep apnea, irregular bedtimes, shift work, stress, anxiety, chronic pain, caffeine or an uncomfortable sleeping environment. 

If the cause of your sleepless nights isn’t identified and rectified then it can lead to a whole house of other mental and physical health issues. 

Poor Nutrition

As the saying goes, ‘you are what you eat’. Unfortunately, most of the foods that are readily available to us are highly processed, and the further away food is from its natural state, the worse it is for us. A lack of vitamins and minerals (particularly Vitamin D) can play havoc with your energy levels because your body isn’t getting the fuel it needs. 

Most of us lead busy lives and so it’s easy to see how we have fallen into poor eating habits, as takeaways or processed foods seem like an easy option. However, we are in fact depleting our system of the vital nutrients it needs by not eating a rainbow diet as much as possible. 

High Stress Levels

Do you find yourself constantly glued to your phone, trying to juggle ten things at once? Our bodies can handle stress to a certain degree because we were born with fight-or-flight instincts. The problem is that these instincts were only ever designed for short-term use. Instead, many people find themselves chronically stressed leaving them feeling exhausted all the time because quite simply – they are running on empty.

Being stressed actually requires a tremendous amount of energy because your body is either trying to protect itself or is ready to fight off the threat. Stress can also make it difficult to fall asleep at night because your mind isn’t able to switch off. So if you’re overdoing things at work or with your commitments to others, now is the time to take a step back so you can get that heart rate and therefore stress of yours down. 

Underlying Health Causes

There are a wide number of health conditions that can cause extreme tiredness including thyroid problems, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and many more. In today’s times, it’s so easy to do a quick Google search and diagnose yourself. However, this is potentially dangerous, misleading and is certainly no replacement for getting a thorough check-over by your doctor.

It’s a good idea to make a note of your symptoms before you see your doctor so that any potential clues aren’t missed. Rather ignore potentially worrying symptoms, they should be something you pay close attention to, especially if you have any new or persisting symptoms that don’t feel right. 

How To Feel More Energised

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As well as considering all the above possible reasons why you might be feeling tired all the time, and visiting your GP for a checkup, nutritional supplements can also boost your energy levels especially for general tiredness caused by a busy lifestyle. 

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