The Benefits Of Collagen

Collagen supplements

Making up many critical parts of the body, Collagen is essential for gaining and maintaining good health. Providing both short term and long term advantages, there are now multiple ways you can increase collagen levels and give your body more of what it needs; however, there are also facts you need to know before doing so. 

What Is Collagen? 

To put it simply, Collagen is a form of protein which naturally occurs in the body. Collagen is found in connective tissue, skin, tendons, bones and cartilage, providing our bodies with structural support.

Collagen is consumed mainly through dietary sources including chicken and fish skin but also comes in product form such as supplements and creams. This vast resource is used in the healthcare sector and provides multiple benefits as its production begins to naturally decline. As you age, the collagen in your body starts to come to a halt and turns fragmented. This is where wrinkles, dry and loose skin come from.

Vitamin c for collagen

Collagen In Food

Found in all animals, this type of protein is concentrated in the skin and joints specifically. A healthy diet and choice of foods provide endless benefits for your health, both mentally and physically. Eating foods such as these will do the job of increasing your collagen levels:

  • Bones, skin and ligaments of animals 
  • Certain seafood
  • Products made from the parts e.g. bone broth 

Vitamin C is also closely related to collagen as the low levels of this can cause impaired production. Increase your vitamin C intake through foods such as : 

  • Citrus fruits
  • Peppers
  • Green vegetables 
  • Berries 

Collagen Supplements 

Many people opt for collagen supplements instead or in addition to the natural remedies, especially if they’re wanting to up their levels. These supplements are available in tablets, capsules and powders and can even be mixed into drinks. 

Wrinkles from lack of collagen

Advantages of collagen supplements

There have been many studies into the benefits and safety of taking these supplements, some of  which have been tested, some of which have not. Some potential things collagen might help with include gut health, weight, anxiety, mood plus nail and hair growth.There are however some primary reasons people decide to take collagen. 

Skin health 

One of the main reasons people take collagen supplements is for their skin. Studies and research has found that taking this source can improve skin hydration, elasticity, wrinkles and ageing. 

Join health

When ageing, it’s only natural that joints begin to break down and the cartilage wears away. It’s therefore been recorded that these supplements can help to restore and prevent deterioration.

Increase muscle mass

Increase in muscle mass and strength. 

Side Effects Of Collagen Supplements

Like most things, taking these supplements can sometimes cause side effects and is something very personal to each body. It’s always recommended to seek professional advice before going on this journey, even if what you’re taking is considered natural. Whilst products containing collagen are unlikely to pose any potential risk, make sure to read the label or ask for assistance.

Some of the general side effects include:

  • Diarrhoea
  • Bloating or heaviness in the stomach
  • Skin rash

Whilst most people associate collagen with skin and vitality, the benefits surrounding bone and joint health is just as important. This well recognised supplement can be taken in moderation, resulting in no major side effects.

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