Announcing the launch of optml

We’re delighted to announce that optml will be launching and starting to deliver orders from May 2021 (date TBC).

Optml is a new natural supplement stack that aids energy production, helps to improve your levels of focus, helps improve sleep quality and, generally, feeds your brain the nutrients it needs to perform optimally.

Made up of two capsules to be taken daily, Rise and Rest. Rise helps you increase energy production naturally, without the need for chemical stimulants, as well as helping improve focus levels. Rest helps you to relax, get a better night’s sleep and de-stress.

To avoid adding to your already busy life, we’re launching optml on a simple monthly subscription whereby we’ll deliver every 30-days, meaning you never forget to re-order and run out.

Your first month is just £17 for a limited time and only £19.99 per month after that.